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Dog Bone BedDog Bone Bed Raises Pets Off Cold, Wet Ground

Sometimes the most welcome designs solve a problem that nobody else realized was a problem. Owners at Puppy Playground, Ormond Beach, Fla., realized their pet wasn't as comfortable outside in the cold as indoor pets were by the fire. Enter this dog bed that we rotationally molded in one piece in the shape of a huge bone. It raises dogs off the cold, wet ground, it’s waterproof, and creates a comfortable place to curl up.

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Texas FloatemTexas Floatem Bets on Rotomolding

How to design a floating poker table for playing in the swimming pool?

  • Waterproof, UV-resistant polyethylene table
  • Rotational molding for one piece design, smooth contours
  • Hexagonal shape for stability
  • Designed-in cupholders and chipholders
  • Waterproof cards and chips
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warrantyGet a Warranty from your Plastics Processor

The science of rotomolding includes an element of artistry. That is why product quality and consistency vary from one rotomolder to another. Most experienced rotomolders are willing to include a warranty on their workmanship. If not, find another molder.

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Design with Rotomolding Information

Step by step guide describes how the design process has been accelerated to bring products to market faster than ever. Plus! Case studies examine how metal parts were converted to plastic for savings in parts and costs.

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