Many marketing types see themselves at the top of a pyramid, dispensing clever strategies, materials and the latest contact management software to the sales team. At epr, we see marketing as a sales support function. We exist to help hardworking marketing directors put their sales people in position to meet the right prospects, get in the door, close sales and drive word of mouth marketing. For a modern, nimble, integrated sales and marketing team, there’s no place for the top-down thinking of a pyramid.

epr understands how to blend the latest digital marketing ideas with the tried-and-true, traditional materials to deliver superior results that impact the bottom line. After all, the company’s founder, Paul Entin, is a dot com pioneer who co-founded, grew and sold an online publishing company just before the Internet bubble burst.

Today, the award-winning, featured speaker on advertising, public relations and Internet marketing specializes in helping manufacturers and other companies harness the power of an integrated marketing communications program as a fast, effective and cost-efficient weapon for creating value for your products and services, driving sales, dominating the Internet and delivering measurable results.

"American industry has been battered for too long. I founded epr to help a select group of owners, executives and salespeople survive and succeed in the face of fierce competition, unnerving economic conditions and a government that’s indifferent, if not ignorant, to our struggles." - Paul Entin
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