Best and Worst Advertising in Packaging World July 2018

Posted: July 24, 2018
Written by: Paul Entin
Category: Advertising

Advertising in Packaging World reaches nearly 60,000 print subscribers plus thousands more digital edition subscribers and costs several thousand dollars per page so advertisers would be wise to take full advantage of the exposure and run effective advertising to ensure a healthy return on the investment. Some companies failed. Their ads feature trite, weak, bland headlines that lack creativity and fail to immediately offer something of value to the reader. These poor headlines include:
“Leaders in Innovation”
“Your Partner in Packaging Solutions”

For the best ad in the issue, see the full-page offering from Printpack. It's visually stunning with a variety of products packaged in an array of bold colors that contrast sharply against the all-black background. The headline, “Sweet & Salty”, and the copywriting are short, tight and to the point. Further congratulations on securing the right hand page inside the front cover. This ad thoroughly dominated the full-page ad on the left hand page.

Schneider earns recognition for its ad, “Disrupting Downtime”. The dissonant headline and thick use of color deliver substantial stopping power. Concise copywriting stays on message and closes with a video call to action. 

King Hy-Pact demonstrates the impact of simplicity. The headline, “SUPER TOUGH POLYMER”, set in a chunky, serif typeface, could not be any more clear and direct. Setting it over a superb photo of the product conveying poultry quickly connects with the target audience and is likely to draw many prospects to its Website.


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