epr direct mail marketing programs get your customers and prospects to respond. Combined with email marketing, epr direct mail consistently drives the success of your database marketing program.

Before email, most mailboxes were stuffed daily with envelopes, magazines and letters of all kinds. Getting your marketing message to stand out required a huge amount of planning and an extensive series of very clever design, copywriting and packaging tactics. Today, most mailboxes remain nearly empty even after the mail has been delivered so it’s easier than ever to get your postcard marketing message to stand out in the mail. epr knows how to time the direct mail drop with a companion email blast to multiply the impact and response. These are some of our favorites:

Trade show marketing breaks booth traffic record

epr developed this oversized postcard as part of a coordinated program for instrumentation manufacturer Fluid Imaging Technologies to entice qualified prospects at the Pittcon laboratory industry trade show to stop at the booth for a demo of the company's FlowCAMR imaging particle analysis system. Previous attempts to get prospects to the booth using direct mail yielded lackluster numbers that caused management to consider dropping the show from its schedule.

epr's approach integrated direct mail, email, Web advertising and email advertising, plus a mailer-specific landing page enabling prospects to register instantly online. Combining the credibility of a happy laboratory industry customer with content focusing on a valuable seminar, epr set the message in an attention-getting visual style that also coordinated with the official show organizer's design style to help instill confidence in the merits of the seminar - plus a timely Kindle Fire drawing offered an extra incentive. The company's staff scanned 143 badges and signed on for a similar program for the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) trade show.

Direct mail campaign makes the phones ring

epr developed this postcard as part of a direct mail program that combines printed, oversized postcards and companion email blasts. This postcard unveils the company's new test center and invites customers and prospects to visit the facility for a live action demonstration.

The direct mail program has been effective in rejuvenating sales leads and maintaining contact with existing customers/prospects. A sales representative who had sent monthly direct mailers to his house list of customers and prospects for years said this campaign sparked a phenomenal response including more phone calls than he'd ever received from any of his own mailings.

Consistent direct mail campaign helps close, close, close

epr developed these direct mail postcards for laundry and material handling product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. as part of a consistent, ongoing program that integrates direct mail with email marketing, publicity and advertising.

Mailed to existing customers, in-house prospects, trade show attendees and others, the bold colors and contrasting visual design stand out from the mail while tight headlines get to the point and demonstrate the company understands the targeted industry and the key issues. Brief copy points address how the carts or containers would be used then move the eye toward the bottom to take action by calling, going to the Web site or visiting the trade show booth. Quoting actual customers adds credibility, and varying the sizes from mailing to mailing boost the impact.

Thess direct mail postcards represent only a few in a campaign that continues to stand out. Its impact was cited in Plastics News as a factor in the company’s success.

Self-mailing brochure speeds response, cuts costs

epr developed this direct mail brochure to double as a self-mailer for metal compacting press manufacturer Alpha Lehigh. This eliminated the traditional mailing with a sales letter stuffed into a #10 envelope, which is sometimes discarded before opening. This self-mailing format ensured the recipient would be exposed to the sales message.

Direct mail with email helps convert print advertising prospects

To tap growing name brand recognition on the heels of a modest advertising and publicity campaign targeting water parks, health clubs and other aquatics facility managers, epr developed and sent this oversized, direct mail postcard with a companion email blast to a rented list of prospects who would have seen the ads and/or articles in trade magazine Aquatics International.

epr sent the companion email blast within days of the direct mailer landing. Combining the email marketing and direct mail with the traditional print exposure helped traffic to the Web site spike and convert several into sales.

This direct mail/email marketing campaign earned coverage in Internet Retailer.

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