Selling a $150,000.00 software package, $1 million machine or even a monthly office coffee service demands contact with several people in different layers and departments to ensure a smooth ride to closing. A single engineer, executive or office manager may claim to be the sole decision maker, but few people today sign off on spending without the approval of others, up and down the company hierarchy or in different departments. Even the most dedicated sales people would be unable to get in front of everyone involved in the decision. To succeed, their marketing teams need to establish name brand recognition and awareness as a dominant player and reach multiple layers and job titles, often globally.

epr devises marketing strategies that reach all levels of formal and informal project teams and buying committees. Public relations, advertising and content marketing form the foundation. Printed collateral arms the sales team with the tangible materials needed to instill confidence in the many people who will likely never grant a meeting with the sales rep. When done well, they get passed around to every member of the buying decision team and continue selling after the sales person has left the meeting. See these examples of brochures, spec sheets and other literature that help sales people meet the entire buying committee:

Laundry cart brochure earns award for design, informative style

This eight-page brochure earned a Jasper Award for excelling in presenting the latest ideas and innovations for moving and handling bulk linens and laundry in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, health clubs and other facilities. The sophisticated format combines elements of catalogs, magazines and brochures into a single piece that presents substantial product information in an energetic style that is inviting to read and easy to digest. Case study stories from actual customers, product highlights, engineering diagrams and specifications are integrated and interspersed to showcase key benefits such as safety, durability and fuel savings in a tone that respects the hard work laundry staffers perform and recognizes their desire to make informed buying decisions.

In-action and professional quality studio photography provide important visual appeal.

Most importantly, the sales team welcomed this brochure as a critical support tool that helped them close a record number of sales.

Product literature family brings design uniformity

epr developed these two sell sheets as part of a literature family for pneumatic conveying equipment manufacturer Precision AirConvey. The literature positions the company's line of equipment as the most sophisticated equipment available to converters, printers, packagers and others. Eschewing what many expect from technical literature in favor of a more compelling approach that supports sales efforts, epr featured a hand-written letter from the CEO (a P.E.) to connect with technical buyers in a dust collection brochure and rather than bogging down the literature with numerous charts and specs that may be made available online, the literature showcases high-impact, professional photography to capture attention, support the information and offer value to technical buyers while providing an easy-to-understand explanation for non-technical buyers.

These sell sheets represent the overall approach.

Machinery brochure makes case for $¼ million investment

epr developed this brochure for the hydraulic presses division of Alpha Lehigh. It introduced the company’s powder metal compacting press rebuild services to manufacturers that produce gears, sprockets and myriad other metal parts. To instill confidence in the company and help justify $1/4 million investment in a relatively unknown company, the brochure highlighted the company’s decades of experience in building compacting presses, stated the case for rebuilding vs. buying a new press and positioned Alpha Lehigh as the hero delivering a surge in productivity at half the cost of a new press. epr also developed the corporate identity including logo, tagline, and color palette.

Flyer combines recycling cart series in one sheet

epr developed this recycling cart flyer with manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. to provide customers and prospects with an informative overview of its best-selling line of recycling collection carts and trucks. It serves as an easy trade show handout, lead response material and online download as a pdf.

Four-page brochure start to finish in 17 days to meet trade show deadline

For Converting equipment manufacturer, Precision AirConvey Corp. (PAC), Newark, DE, epr recommended a marketing communications strategy that addressed each of its multiple target markets individually with market-specific materials. PAC, which had prospered based on its superior engineering skills, lacked marketing materials that effectively conveyed the experience and expertise that earned praise from Procter & Gamble, Cryovac, Kimberly-Clark and other customers.

To help PAC command premium pricing and instill confidence among converting industry prospects, epr developed this full color, four-page brochure showcasing several installations and a dramatic illustration depicting how the machinery fits into a converting plant. Visually, the brochure featured a professional appearance that appealed to the corporate and plant managers yet also detailed the benefits and measurable results of investing in the system - sizzle and substance in one attractive package.

The design drew on PAC corporate colors and on the flowing nature of the logo to create an action-oriented feeling that leads the eye from one section to another in a pre-determined pathway. Printed on a coated cover stock, the brochure's heavy weight feels substantial in the hand, lending a feeling of strength and confidence in PAC.

Required in time for the CMM International converting trade show in McCormick Place, Chicago, the brochure was conceptualized, written, designed, proofread and printed in only 17 days. "They look phenomenal!!!" said CEO Tom Embley.

Two-sided spec sheet showcases packaging machinery

epr developed this two-sided spec sheet to showcase the information needed to make packaging engineers, material handling managers and other prospects care about the company’s orbital stretch wrapping machinery. The colorful sales tool for Ciratec Corp. featured in-action photography demonstrating how nearly any employee can safely use the machinery. It also introduced the company’s enticing “Rent-A-Wrap” program, which offers the machinery with special financing terms.
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