epr develops trade show displays, graphics, multimedia presentations, article reprints and other sales and marketing support materials to attract booth traffic and help drive industrial sales. epr helps find the ideal trade shows for your company to exhibit, secures speaking slots and offers on-site trade show booth support, mystery shopping and competitor intelligence services.

Trade show booth unifies four divisions

epr developed the visual strategy and graphics for this trade show booth. Unveiled at the Clean show - 2015, this trade show booth display presents the Tingue family of companies as a unified organization under one roof yet allows for each of its four divisions to showcase its laundry products and laundry services as separate and distinct laundry companies. With the support of pre-show advertising, publicity, email marketing and coodinating direct mail by epr, the sales team enjoyed a strong turnout with a bustling booth and loads of leads.

Trade show displays unify three divisions

epr developed this family of trade show displays to present Tingue, Brown & Co., Talley Machinery and Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. as three distinct companies operating under Tingue, the parent company, while sharing a booth split into three separate sections at the Clean Show. Applying a single visual style to all three displays conveys the synergistic relationship. Showcasing each company’s signature products and services on its display connects with the customer and reinforces each company’s own marketing message.

Dramatic cutaway illustrates conveying system

epr developed this trade show display to introduce architects at the AIA Show to automated waste and linen handling technology. The display needed to quickly explain its function and complexity with a clear, concise visual message. A dramatic illustration of a healthcare facility cutaway captures attention while brief callouts point out key features. This creates a ready-made, walk-through presentation that guides sales personnel in discussion to help present the case for the automated technology and leads naturally to swiping a card or otherwise capturing a lead. The illustration is also prominent in coordinating advertising, literature, direct mail and other materials and has become a signature of the division.


Scrapbook highlights event decor ideas in 3-D

epr created this scrapbook as an inviting way to demonstrate the versatility of the product line for wedding and event planners, rental show owners and other prospects. Since trade show booths typically fit only a single setup or configuration of these colonnade arch systems and other event products and props, the custom, handcrafted scrapbook features photography taken at weddings, bridal shows and other events demonstrating how customers have decorated the products. It gets people thinking about how they might decorate the products for their own customers and helps advance towards a sale.

It also provides trade show attendees with an attractive book to scan while waiting for a sales person to become available in a tangible, textured, 3-D format displaying more warmth and charm than a video screen or catalog.


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